Our Fleet of Rental Cars

Are you looking for a rental car at the Miami International Airport? Unsure which one is right for you? If so, Family Auto Rental is here to help!

We are proud to offer a wide selection of rental cars for an even wider range of individual needs, preferences, and budgets. Our fleet is as follows:

  • Convertibles & Coupes - On your way to an important business meeting? Drive out of our lot in style with one of the latest exotic cars in our inventory.

  • Vans & Minivans - Arriving with a large family or tour group? Not a problem! Choose from our selection of larger cars that can seat from 7 to 15 passengers.

  • Midsize Sedans - Looking for a smaller car that seats 5? Our fleet contains a variety of mid-size sedans that can get you where you need to go.

  • SUVs - In need of a specialty vehicle? Find your match among our many luxury cars, perfect for anything your trip might have in store.

  • Economy Compact - Traveling on a budget? Choose from one of our most reliable economy cars that offers transportation without financial strain.

  • Full-Size Sedans - Looking for a regular car that represents who you are? Our inventory is home to a variety of full-sized sedans for all budgetary needs.

You can also view all the cars available in the Family Auto Rental fleet to make your choice.

The Best Ride for Your Needs

We offer only the latest makes and models of cars, each consistently tested for the state of Florida's commercial vehicle safety standards. Client safety is our number one priority, as each member of our team has a family that uses a car every single day. Needless to say, we want our family to arrive safely wherever they may go, and hence we want the same for every person who rents a car from us.

You might be entirely satisfied with a 2-door car at only $18.95 per day, or you may prefer a 4-door car at $68.95 per day. Or, perhaps you may require a 15-passenger luxury car at $149.99 per day. Regardless of your unique requirements, you are virtually guaranteed to find a suitable vehicle in our highly varied fleet!

When you need a car at Miami's airport, we welcome you to rent directly from our website or contact the Family Auto Rental team with any questions you may have.